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Top 5 Best Dog Food for German Shepherd Puppy Review 2019

Best Dog Food for German Shepherd Puppy Review 2019

best food for german shepherd puppy

German Shepherds are one the world’s most recognized breeds. They’re easily identified by their long erect ears, well-structured athletic body and intelligent dark eyes. First domesticated for sheep and cattle herding, the Shepherd has exceedingly performed every possible task a dog can. From service in the military to helping the blind, the German Shepherd diligently performs its duties with superb results.

German shepherds aren’t inactive indoor pets, they are energetic and require a lot of exercise to keep them physically fit and healthy. German shepherds are not shy breeds; they have a friendly and active temperament which makes them ideal for families with children. They require a devoted and disciplined owner to become efficiently skilled and coordinated with given tasks.

What to Feed a German Shepherd Puppy?

Just like how our body requires food nutrients to keep us physically and mentally oriented, so does your German shepherd puppy. The diet scheme for your German Shepherd puppy should consist of the following nutrients,

  •  Regulated level of Fats and oils
  • Carbohydrates
  • Omega 3
  • Proteins


Regulated level of Fats and Oils

German shepherd puppies require eight percent of Fats and Oils, while Adult Shepherds require five percent. Examples of Fats and Oils consumable by German Shepherd puppies are Vegetable oils, Fish oils (salmon, herring, etc.), safflower oils, chicken fat, pork fat, etc.


German shepherds are athletic dogs and require having a stable blood sugar level. The shepherd is to consume carbohydrates, but on a minimal level as to avoid high blood sugar levels. Examples of Carbohydrates consumable by German shepherd puppies are whole grain products e.g Oatmeal, Bucky wheat, millet, etc.

Omega 3

Omega 3’s are fatty acids that functions as nutritious supplements for the Shepherds skin/fur, kidneys, heart, liver, cognitive function, etc. Omega 3 also functions as antibodies against bacteria and germs. Omega 3 are contained in Fish/sea foods (salmon, mackerel, tuna), Plant oils (sunflower oil, soya bean oil) etc.


The most essential of all the listed required nutrients, Proteins should be frequently consumed by the German shepherd puppies to help develop their growth and stimulation process. Proteins are highly contained in meat meals e.g chicken, pork, beef, fish, etc. German Shepherds should consume about 22% protein has puppies and 18% protein for adults.

best food for german shepherd puppy


How much Should I Feed my German Shepherd Puppy?

German Shepherd puppies are at their infant stage therefore, their meals should be regulated and scheduled. When feeding your shepherd puppy you should consider when to transition from puppy meals to adult meals, daily feeding routine, feeding amount, meal time length and water consumption level. This helps to ensure a stable growth against malnutrition and other illness.

You can also follow below Calories estimation list based on an average weight of German Shepherds Breed .

  • Young puppies 500-600 calories per day,
  • Young adults and adult dogs 1,500 – 1,800 calories per day.
  • Full grown German Shepherds Need 2,000 and 2,250 calories per day
  • Old German Shepherds Need 1200- 1300 calories per day


When do German Shepherds stop growing?

German Shepherds can be fully matured 36 months but the male German shepherd is considered an adult at two and half years of age. The females on the other hand, have a large body frame and are considered fully grown at two years or more.

Why this Best Dog Food for German Shepherd Puppy Review?

German shepherds require disciplinary care to bring out the best in them. This spectacular breed of dog is not simple-minded but a highly intellectual and athletic breed that needs to be properly fed and trained. This Best Dog Food for German Shepherd Puppy review article helps you understand your German Shepherd well and how to feed, care and discipline it.

Top Five Best Dog Food for German Shepherd Review Section


After 150 hours research on  German Shepherd Puppy food .I listed below five Best Dog Food for German Shepherd Puppies  .Below are the top five dog food review for your German Shepard dog.


Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition German Shepherd Adult Dry Dog Food Review

best dog food for german shepherd

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition offer a complete and balanced dry dog food specifically for German Shepherds, this package features the exclusive kibble. The kibble has a shape, size and texture that have been formulated to provide nutritional value and encourage the German shepherd to eat. German Shepherds have delicate digestive systems, if there’s long colonic transit time and higher colonic permeability this can lead to fermentation and poor stool quality.

Therefore, Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition offers high digestible LIP proteins and a selection of specific fibers to limit intestinal fermentation and maintain a balanced intestinal flora. This food makes sure that your German Shepherd develops healthy bones and joints. It also enhances the digestion and imposes shiny skin coat.



best dog food for german shepherd puppy 22.

IAMS Proactive Health Adult Large Breed Review

best food for german shepherd puppy

IAMS Large Breed offers a balanced nutrition with natural sources of glucosamine to support healthy joints and to help your German Shepherd grow efficiently. The number one key ingredient in this meal is real chicken. Real chicken contains protein which is one of the 7 essential nutrients required for a balanced meal. IAMS Large Breed Dog meal also offers other benefits to your German shepherd like, healthy joints, strong bones, strong muscles and a healthy metabolism food for german shepherd puppy


This food is known for its sensitive formulation made for the German Shepherd’s digestive system. It also improves the heart health in your dog. Its flavor would make this food a favorite one for your dog. This does not contain any filler, it is just full of minerals.


best dog food for german shepherd puppy 2


Eukanuba Breed Specific German Shepherd Adult Dog Food review


best food for german shepherd puppy


German Shepherds require specific diet nutrition and Eukanuba Breed is specific for German Shepherds. It will make sure that your pup gets the nutritional value it needs. Tasty chicken flavors and nutrients will make this a favorite food for your German Shepherd. Highly rich with protein from the chicken, your German shepherd is sure to grow healthy and fit. Its major advantage is that it is proven to have reduced the tartar build-up within 28 days.

The presence of quality and animal based proteins in their ingredients provides your pup with strong and lean muscles and also ensures optimal body condition. Their specialized fiber system promotes the absorption of nutrients and proper digestion. This food would be a right choice to provide your German Shepherd with shiny and radiant skin coat.


best dog food for german shepherd puppy 2



Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Dog Food, Real Beef & Brown Rice Recipe Review


best food for german shepherd puppy

Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural delivers quality meals for your Pets. This Dry dog food features real beef and brown rice to help develop your German Shepherd’s growth. The beef and brown rice is broken into protein and carbs when consumed by your German Shepherd, this aids the dogs digestion and gives it the nutritional value it deserves. Usually the Rachel Ray brand is popular for its delicious flavor. Because the preparation is known to have been made equal to that of a human.

best food for german shepherd puppy


So this food might be a perfect pick because your dog can get the flavor as good as that of a human. Their ingredients are chosen perfectly and blended to give them the best taste ever. Their ingredients are simple yet wholesome ensuring your dog with nutrition rich food.

best dog food for german shepherd puppy 2





Stella & Chewy’S Freeze-Dried Dinner Patties Grain-Free Dog Food Review


best food for german shepherd puppy

With Stella & Chewy’s Chicken Dinner Patties Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food your German shepherd dines in elegance. Made from sustainably-sourced ingredients with raw, single-source protein, this recipe includes 95% cage-free chicken, plus 100% certified-organic fruits and vegetables and many more ingredients that gives your German shepherd concrete nutritional value. These foods do not need re-hydration like the other dog foods. They can be simply fed whenever possible because they are ready at all times.

best dog food for german shepherd puppy 6

Their ingredients are made in such a way that it fulfills the raw diet as nature intended. The food is completely grain free. Their foods consist of 90-95% meat, organ and bone. It is free from hormones or antibiotics. So if you are in search of a dog food which is rich in nutrient, then this might be your thing.


best dog food for german shepherd puppy 2


Choosing the right food for your dog would be the toughest task ever. Furthermore, choosing the right food for a German Shepherd just makes the task tougher. So I hope this article would have shed some light over the selection of best food for your gsd puppy. Just make sure that the food is rich in nutrients and has delicious flavor because your dog deserves a tasty meal and a healthy lifestyle. It is also important to render your pup a healthy digestion and bone development. So pick the right food according to your needs and surprise your German Shepherd.



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Top 5 Best Dog Food for German Shepherd Puppy Review 2019
best dog food for german shepherd puppy 8

This Best Dog Food for German Shepherd Puppy Reviews article is for puppy lover who are searching an honest review on german shepherd dog food for their puppy.

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