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Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd 1

Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd


Belgian Malinois vs German shepherd

In this article, I will discuss the main comparisons between the German shepherd and Belgian Malinois. So if you are confused between these two breeds of the dog then you are at the very right place. Both the dogs have their own specifications which makes these dogs different from each other. Both the dogs belong to the same sheepdog family and are very well known as military dogs. They have very similar looks because of the same fur coat. 


 German shepherd Puppy 

Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd 2

German shepherd no doubt is the most popular breed of the dog which is highly intelligent and hard-working and that is the reason why these dogs are trained for security purposes. German shepherds have less attacking speed and are less aggressive as compared to Belgian Malinois. The German shepherds are also very loyal and loving dogs out there that will guard you till their last breath, but it is also important to train them good. If the training is good then the dog will definitely give you a positive output.


Belgian Malinois Dog 

Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd 3

These dogs are very energetic and playful, these are used for security purposes as well as a family companion. These athletic dogs have fawn colour and short hair and these were originally bred in Malines, Belgium. Apart from security purposes, these dogs are also used in many different types of events for entertaining purpose as these are one of the most playful and energetic dogs. If you will train them good then these are also one of the most strong and aggressive dogs that can provide high protection.




If we first talk about the German shepherds then these have a positive temperament and these dogs are not shy in nature which means they like going around new people and exploring new and different things. And they are also very loving in nature. The German shepherds love their owners more than they love their selves. The temperament of the German shepherd will always be positive and good because of their loving and caring nature.


Now if we talk about Belgium Malinois then their temperament matters of how you actually treat them, like if you will treat them good then their behaviour no doubt will be positive towards you. But as they have an aggressive nature their temperament can get worst so it is recommended that you should take precautions before you meet them at first as their temperament can get worse after seeing a new person as these dogs don’t like meeting many new people and are uncomfortable with that. But once you train them then these are surely most loving and caring dogs.


Health is one of the main things in any of the animal and in this case both the dogs have good health but there are some conditions like Extreme hot weather can harm the health of German shepherds and extremely cold weather can harm Belgium Malinois health. Their diet also matters if you want to see your dog healthy and fit then it is obligatory that you should provide them with a good diet. 



If we first talk about the training of German shepherds then these dogs are highly intelligent and get the point very quickly. It is important that you should start training German shepherds from their young age because as they gain age their reflexes become weak and it then becomes hard to train then. It depends on you how you want to see your dog if you want your German shepherd for security purposes then you should train the dog accordingly. As these dogs are very intelligent you don’t need to do much hard work to train them.

Now if we talk about Belgium Malinois then these are much intelligent and quick learners than German shepherds. They tend to involve in more and more activities much make them very quick learners. So the training process of these dogs is easier than that of the German shepherds. Once they are trained they are the most loyal dogs but it is important that you train them good and positive.


Fur coat

The German shepherds are the medium size dogs With black colour nose and have strong jaws. The German shepherds have some kind of triangular eyes with the black saddle and tan coloured fur and their hair are very much wiry and wavy. The main downfall of fur coat of German shepherds is that you have to clean the mess every day as it can get very messy sometimes which is not the case with Belgium Malinois. 


Now if we talk about the fur coat of Belgium Malinois they have straight fawn colour short hair. They have a light undercoat and hard topcoat that provide a high amount of protection to the dog against the bad weather conditions. They mostly have black ears and fawn colour. These dogs are much cleaner than German shepherds so you don’t have to worry much about their cleaning.



If we talk about the German shepherds, these are not shy animals. If you will take care of these dogs and will love them then they are most loving, caring and loyal dogs.

As Belgium Malinois are the most intelligent breed of the dog, these can be trained for doing anything whether for security purposes or for as a family dog. It has an average temperament as if you will be good then you will get the same positive response from it.



I hope you have got your answer of comparison between Belgium Malinois and German shepherd above I have mentioned the main and big comparisons between both the dogs. So hope so you have got an idea of which dog is better for you as everyone has its own preference. Like some people like the specification of German shepherd and some like the specification of Belgium Malinois but if you ask me both the dogs are good at their own side. 


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