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Best hamster cages honest review & Buying Guide 2019

Best hamster cages Reviews 2019


Welcome to Truepetslover.If You are looking  for Best hamster cages review then you land the right place now .I already researched about finding the top rated hamster cages and cool hamster cages for your beloved Syrian or dwarf hamster . In this article, I am going to review about Best large hamster cages those must like your Syrian or dwarf hamster .So first you should know about why do you  need the  Best hamster cage for your hamster? 

Hamsters are animals which usually live in the woods with spacious areas and have their living place under the ground. So, when it comes to raising a hamster as a domestic pet, then you must keep in mind that their cages must satisfy their needs and expectations. Usually you must provide your hamster with large cages so as to enable them to live happily in their own cage. When you take up a small cage, then your pet might feel congested and stuck inside a small space.

You must be very selective with your choices when it comes to the choosing of the right cage for your hamster. Hamsters are not like any other pets, they are unique and their preferences have a few guidelines which would enhance the hamster’s health and activities.

I made a comparison chart for top rated  hamster cages and also made 6 top rated hamster cages review that help you to choosing the best hamster cage for your pet hamster . let’s see


Quick Review: Top 6 Best hamster cages Reviews

best hamster cages 1
Best PlasticCage

IRIS Hamster Cage

  • Comes with a wheel, water bottle and food dish
  • 3 different levels for climb up to
  • Size:17.7 x 12.2 x 19.3 inches
  • Weight:7.3 pounds
best hamster cages 2
Best DIY Hamster Cage

GNB Pet Hamster Cage DIY Habitat

  • Sturdy construction built from powder-coated metal and steel wire
  • Up to 117 parts DIY tube system
  • Size: 20‘’x12”x15”
  • Weight: 7.65 pound
best hamster cages 3
Best Big hamster Cage

Ferplast Hamster Cage

  • Made of robust plastic with transparent base
  • Structure on two-floors
  • Size:23.6 x 14.4 x 11.8 inches
  • Weight:6.28 pounds
best hamster cages 4
Best Cheap hamster Cage

Prevue Pet Products hamster cages

  • Large tubby base offers room for exercise and accessories
  • Extra deep 6 1/4” tubby base
  • 32.5 x 19 x 17.5 inches
  • Weight:14 pounds
best hamster cages 5
Best Toy DIY hamster Cage

GalaPet Hamster Case with Toys

  • Made of solid metal wire and durable plastic base
  • Easy access with a large opening
  • Size: 17.3″ x 12.6″ x 13.8″
  • Weight:7.25 pounds
best hamster cages 6
Best Large hamster Cage

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation Cage

  • Critter Nation Double Unit cage
  • Full-width double doors
  • Size:36 x 24 x 63 inches
  • Weight:111.8 pounds





Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation Cage : Largest hamster cage review


Best hamster case reviewBest hamster case

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation Cage is one of the largest hamster cages in the market. It consists of two pans and adjustable shelves, three ramps provided with covers and four locking wheel casters. It’s also consists of double doors on this small animal cage and replaceable shelves enables accessibility for easy feeding and cleaning to a maximum extent.

The presence of leak proof pans can provide us with large area for playing and also prevents dangerous falls. The wire is placed and built in such way that your hamster can easily climb and play with extended safety. An added advantage is that these cages even come with a warranty of one year.


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GalaPet Hamster Case with Toys : Best DIY Toy Hamster Cage Review

best hamster cages 7     

GalaPet Hamster Case with Toys is a type of dwarf hamster cage with cool design and lots of toys which would fit in your hamster which is tiny as a dwarf. It consists of accessories related to challenge, platform made of wood and a cozy house for your pet to live on. The additional components attached are wooden ladder and swing, chew string, and water bottle.

It can be easily accessed as it consists of a big opening in the front for entry and exit of the pet when you take it out for a bath. It comprises climbing cylinders and an exercise wheel to enable necessary activity of the pet in order to maintain the activeness of your hamster. GalaPet Hamster Case with Toys is one of the cheapest hamster cages when it is comparatively tested for the features enrolled. This also provides us with a pleasant hamster habitat to dwell upon.

Hamster case review


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Prevue Pet Products hamster cages : Best Cheapest hamster cage Review 

Preveue pet products case review

Prevue Pet Products hamster cage is a type of Syrian hamster cages and best at its class. This looks like a simple yet elegant cage for your beloved hamster designed in such a way that it fits for all the small animals which requires a cage. Its wire arrangement is made in such a way that the hamster does not get out of the cage and the breath ability is also ensured simultaneously.

Prevue Pet Products hamster cage would be a perfect fit if you are searching for a simple cage for your small pet. This would be absolutely perfect for your baby hamster. This is a cheap hamster cage yet best at its quality.


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Ferplast Hamster Cage: Big hamster cage Review

 Ferplast hamster case review

Ferplast Hamster Cage is known to be a big hamster cage as it contains two floors in it. This cage consists of two floors in structure which makes it much more spacious and great for your hamster. Ferplast Hamster Cage is made of robust plastic which makes it much more reliable and durable. It also looks transparent in the base which increases the visibility of the cage. The upper part of the cage is covered by wire to enable air ventilation and protection from exiting. It serves two purposes. It is accessorized with components by which the hamster can play inside the cage by climbing and running around.


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GNB Pet Hamster Cage DIY Habitat : Best DIY hamster cage  Review

top rated hamster case

GNB Pet Hamster Cage DIY Habitats is one of the best spacious and large area space based DIY hamster cage. Its habitat is suitable and worthy for your hamster to dwell upon and play with. GNB Pet Hamster Cage DIY Habitats comprises of a few tubes which allows your hamster to play and exercise simultaneously which would be super fun. Here the tube for hamster cages is made upon DIY components. The DIY parts would just add up to the fun as you can build your own accessories.

It’s easy to assemble and breakdown. It’s easy to clean too.  Their materials are non-toxic which makes it super safe for your pets. Their net structure allows breath ability and yet protective. This is also known to be a cool hamster cage due to its DIY components attached.


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IRIS Hamster Cage : Best Small Hamster Cage Review


best hamster cages

IRIS  hamster cage is attractive and colorful to look upon. Your hamster will just love it. This cage is made up of plastic which is not too hard or not too delicate. It would be perfect for the hamster. And most importantly, in the sideways it is made up of wires, so that air ventilation is provided to the hamster which enhances breathing in your pet. It also comes along with a wheel for your pet to play with.

IRIS  hamster cage contains three levels where your hamster can climb upon and have fun. This is one of the best hamster cages in the market. This is one of the top rated hamster cages which would be a perfect choice for your pet.


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As a whole, it would take great research and decisive care to get a conclusion so as to decide which might be the perfect choice for your beloved hamster. But it is important to keep in mind that it is mandatory to choose according to the needs of the hamster. Because it is the hamster, that is going to live and play most of its life in that particular cage. So choose based on the needs of your hamster, because that is what matters the most.thanks

best hamster cages review

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Best hamster cages honest review & Buying Guide 2019
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This review will be represented the best hamster cages for your hamster.You will get the reviews of the cheapest, large or big ,top rated and cool hamster cages .If you need the best large hamster cages or dwarf hamster cages then my review help you to select best one .I described it in details in my hamster cages and listed cheap hamster cages to top rated hamster cages.

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