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Top 5 Best Dog toothbrush Reviews & Buying Guide 2019

Best dog toothbrush Reviews 2019

Welcome to TRUEPETSLOVER ! The real pet lovers community ! In my Brush dogs teeth using Best Dog toothbrush reviews Article ,I am going to review on the  5 best Dog toothbrush in the market now . I already researched about 168 Hours  for selecting the Top 5 dog teeth cleaning products . Finally, make a list of them and presenting my final list of dog teeth cleaning brush below . Hope! It’s useful for Every dog lovers .


Maintaining the hygiene and wellness of our dog is mandatory and important to improve the wellness of our pet. Dogs normally feed on things and tend to bite possibly everything around them just to chew at times. Therefore some particles might get stuck between their teeth which ultimately affect the oral hygiene of our beloved pet. So I would suggest that using a Dog Toothbrush for dog teeth cleaning is essential.If  you want to know more about dog teeth cleaning product then you can read our All about Dog Teeth Cleaning Products  Article here .

Do you have any idea about how hard is brushing our dog’s teeth? Thereby you can see the entire strength that your little dog. Sometimes you will also feel that a wrestling match is going on. Dogs usually don’t like it when their tooth is brushed. So this process is not going to be the easiest one. You can just reduce the difficulty by purchasing the Best Dog toothbrush and you can see our how to brush your dog’s teeth?  Article . So here, I have segregated the top 5 Best Dog brush that might be a perfect fit for you and your pet. birdandchip reviews

Best Dog tooth brush

Best Dog Toothbrush Comparison Chart


Quick Review: Top 6 Best dog toothbrush

best dog toothbrush 1


  • U Can Use for Dogs ,Cats and another Pets
  • Affordable But High quality
  • Over 1000+ Positive Review
  • 60 Days money back guarantee
best dog toothbrush 2


  • For small,large teeth and finger toothbrush
  • Cool Designed
  • Affordable But High quality
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
best dog toothbrush 3


  • Double-HEADED with soft silicone Brush
  • Suitable for Dogs,cats & most pets
  • Curved long handle
  • Affordable But High quality
best dog toothbrush 4
Best Small headDog TOOTHBRUSH


  • Affordable But High quality
  • 30 Days money back guarantee!
  • Over 1000+ Positive Review
best dog toothbrush 5
Best Extra softDog TOOTHBRUSH


  • Combination with small head and large head
  • Extra soft brushes
  • Cheap But High Quality
  • Over 700+ Positive Review



Before embarking on the journey of finding the best toothbrush for your pet, it important to lay out all the characteristics and aspects. This will enable you to make the best purchasing decision. Below is our mini-guide on how to pick the best toothbrush for your pet.

Type of Toothbrush

The first thing to consider when buying a pet toothbrush is the type of toothbrush that’s suitable for you and your pet. Pet toothbrushes come in different types which include, dual toothbrushes, regular toothbrushes, and finger toothbrushes.

The dual toothbrush offers two brush at both ends of it. Often, one end is larger than the other or offers softer bristles than the other. This way, you’re able to get the dirt out of all areas of the mouth, both large surface areas, and small surface areas.

The regular toothbrush looks like a normal human toothbrush and offers both hard and soft bristles depending on the type you purchase.

Last but not least is finger brushes. The finger brushes are carefully designed to fit your fingers, so this way you use your fingers to brush your pet’s teeth yourself.

It is important to find out the type of toothbrush works best for your lifestyle and pet, as it will guide your purchasing decision and help make better and smarter choices.

Bristle Size

A very important aspect to consider when thinking about purchasing a pet toothbrush is the bristle size. This is because there are many different bristle sizes in the market and it is important to find one that fits your pet properly.

Having a bristle too big or too small might not allow you to achieve the results you’re looking for when cleaning your pet’s tooth. If the bristles are too small, then it might be difficult to clean your pet’s teeth appropriately, and if they’re too large, getting all the dirt and buildup from the teeth would be a hassle, as the bristles will just be scratching the surface.

It is important to know the size of your pet teeth and find the perfect bristle size for your pet before investing in a dog brush.

Bristle Intensity

Another important thing to consider when finding the best toothbrush for your dog is the intensity of the bristle. Bristles can be hard or soft depending on the brand and brush type. It is important to figure what kind of bristle works well for your pet. If your pet has sensitive teeth, then the best brush might be a soft one, if you have bigger dogs with less sensitive teeth, then choosing a hard brush might be the best option.

The type of bristle intensity you choose is dependent on you and what you think is best for your dog.

Brush Formulation

The way a human brush is formulated is different from the way a pet brush is formulated. This is a common mistake often made by pet owners, as they automatically think a normal toothbrush is okay for their pets. It is not so. Pet toothbrushes are designed and created specifically to fit the needs of pets.

Brush Length

Another factor to consider when purchasing a toothbrush for your pet is the length of the brush. This is a factor of choice, as some individuals prefer to have their fingers in the pet’s mouth and believe that they’re able to remove more dirt that way. Others don’t want their hands in their pet’s mouth and would rather have a long brush that can get into every nook and cranny of the teeth. This is mostly a preference but is a good factor to consider before choosing a brush brand.


Although most pet toothbrushes are relatively affordable, some are more than others. It is important to factor in the budget you have for your pet’s toothbrush, as this will guide you and allow you to choose from specific brands that offer prices close to your budget.

Best Dog Toothbrush Reviews section

Here is the list of top 5 best dog toothbrush reviews 



dog teeth cleaning 2019

Pet Republique Cat & Dog Toothbrush is one of the Best Dog toothbrushes that might be an ideal selection for your pet. What makes this a go-to option is that these brushes can be handled easily by inserting your finger inside that brush to position it inside the dog’s mouth. You should also keep in mind that this type of brush is not suitable for small pets weighing less than 20lbs. But this would be the Best Dog brush for bulky pets.

You can buy this dog brush if you want to have a comfortable experience while brushing your pet’s teeth with ease as these brushes are designed in such a way that it does not hurt the pet’s gums. If your finger is thin, then the brush might slip away from your fingers, so make sure that you order the right size to experience the highest satisfaction.

Pros Of Pet Republique puppy toothbrush 

  • The pet Republique dog brush is made up of compact bristles for tackling more difficult buildup.
  • For the price point, the brushes are pretty high quality.
  • The brand offers the finger brush in sizes small enough for both young adult and tiny dogs.
  • With multiple colors to choose from, this brush is ideal for individuals who own multiple pets. This way, it is easy to differentiate between brushes for each pet.
  • The brushes are made flexible to help cleaning pet teeth much easier.
  • An exciting fact about the pet Republique brand is that for every purchase of their products, they donate 15% of the money to the AARS (American Animal Rescue Society).

Cons of Pet Republique puppy toothbrush 

  • With the pet Republique brush set, it might be a little difficult to find the right one to fit your finger size.
  • Unlike most brands, the bristles on the pet Republique brush can be a little strong and could be gentler.

Why we Recommend Pet Republique ?

In totality, we recommend the pet Republique series pack of 6 brushes for cleaning pet teeth because they are flexible and can get in between teeth to remove all grime and dirt.  The brand also donates a part of their proceeds to the AARS, which is the American Animal Rescue Society. This is an additional green tick in our books for this company, as it shows that they care about the welfare and treatment of animals.

The pet Republique series pack also offers different colors, which helps with differentiation and recognition with individuals who have multiple pets. With its offering of multiple sizes, the brushes are great for most pets, big or small



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best dog toothbrush 6




dog teeth cleaning brush

These brushes have soft rubber brushes which are useful for massaging your pet’s gums with care. Unlike the bristle brushes, these would be very comfortable and delicate for your pet. This is a suitable brush for small breed dogs which weigh less than 20 lbs. The main advantage of this brush is that it is designed in such a way that the thickness is different on for different parts of the mouth which avoids the difficulty of positioning while you are brushing your dog’s teeth.

This brush helps in the reduction of gum diseases and also prevents the bad breath of dogs which simultaneously improves the oral hygiene of the dog. The double sided brush is major pro which enables easy handling of the brush. Dog teeth cleaning is mandatory for oral health


Pros of fomate dog toothbrush

  • The fomate dog toothbrush is double-sided, and it offers a silicone design which is great for cleaning your pet’s teeth.
  • The fomate toothbrush is also great for multiple pets including dogs, cats, and other pets. It is a good tool for cleaning and removing grime and dirt from pet tooth, leaving it minty and fresh.
  • The brand offers a cool design that is very unique and unlike others.
  • The toothbrush also offers two different sides with different intensities (one softer than the other) to help effectively remove all dirt and improve dog overall mouth health.
  • Its length gives pet owners the ability to extend and reach all areas within the mouth of the pet and clean properly.


Cons of fomate dog toothbrush

  • It is not the best option for big dogs, as the bristles are little and big dogs can easily destroy it.

Why we Recommend fomate dog toothbrush

In our opinion, the fomate dog toothbrush is one of the best double-sided brushes in the market for cleaning dog teeth. Its two sides offer different intensities, making one side harder the other. This way, pet owners can scrub hard and also soft in sensitive places. The length of the brush is 5.7 inches, which is an ideal length for getting all parts of the teeth.

We recommend the fomate dog brush for all pet owners, as it is a great tool for keeping your pets (dogs, cats, etc.) teeth clean at all times.


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best dog toothbrush 6






best dog toothbrush 8 best dog toothbrush 9

This model of Pet Republique Cat & Dog Toothbrush is designed be keeping in mind that it must be suitable for small breed dogs. In the beginning we have seen the same company’s product designed for bulk weighing dogs whereas this product is suitable for the smaller breeds which weigh less than 10lbs. Their bristles are tested for delicacy so that they do not hurt our pet’s gum.

Their durability is an added advantage which enhances the duration of the brush’s usage. Dog Toothbrush also plays a vital role in eradicating tartar and grime. They come in two colors so if you have two pets then you can assign each one to each of them. This might be a perfect choice for your small breed dogs.



Pros of Pet Republique double-headed

  • The Pet Republique dog toothbrush is double-headed, and it offers a brush design on one end and a silicone design on the other, which is great for cleaning your pet’s teeth properly.
  • The Pet Republique toothbrush is also great for multiple pets including dogs, cats, and other pets. It is a good tool for cleaning and maintains proper breath smell in your pets
  • For the price point of this unique brush, it provides high quality at an affordable price.
  • The brand offers a long curvy long handle for accessibility.


Cons of Pet Republique double-headed

  • It might not the best option for big dogs, as the bristles are little and big dogs can easily destroy it.

Why we Recommend Pet Republique double-headed?

In our opinion, the Pet Republique dog toothbrush is one of the best double-headed brushes in the market for cleaning pet teeth. Its two sides offer different intensities, making one side harder the other. This way, pet owners can scrub with the brush part and also with the silicone part for special areas. We recommend the Pet Republique dog brush for all pet owners, as it is a great tool for keeping your pets (dogs, cats, etc.) teeth clean at all times.


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best dog toothbrush 6





best dog toothbrush 11

Duke’s pet product dog toothbrush has two brushes at their ends, one medium sized and the other small sized which enhances the comfort while brushing your dog’s teeth. For small dogs like poodle, the both sides of the brush would be a perfect fit and your dog would love brushing its teeth due to the soft bristles of the brush.

The double brush concept is an added advantage as it improves the durability and the difference in the sizes serves its own purpose. They can also help in cleaning the tongue. The bristles are soft as well as hard enough that they don’t get damages when your dog bites it. Being durable to their teeth is an essential criterion of pro. So this brush serves its purpose in doing its thing which is reliable enough to be purchased for your small dog.


Pros of Dukes dog toothbrush

  • For the price of the toothbrush, the quality of it is really good.
  • It offers soft bristles that are great for cleaning teeth softly and easily
  • It offers a unique dual-ended design for different usages. Both a small and large head for reaching all difficult areas.
  • The brush is ideal for maintaining the overall health of the teeth.

Cons of Dukes dog toothbrush

  • The bristle of the brush might be a little too soft depending on the kind of pet you have.
  • The brush size may be a little small depending on your pet’s size.

Why we recommend Dukes dog toothbrush ?

The Duke’s Pet Product’s Dog Toothbrush is one to have, as it meets most of our specifications. It is very affordable especially for its quality, and the fact that it offers two sides. One end of the brush is large and the other small to fit all areas of your pet’s mouth. The brand offers a great tool for maintaining the overall health of your pet’s mouth, which is a plus in our books. Although the bristle of the brush might be a little soft, it is ideal for smaller dogs.

We recommend the Duke’s Pet Product’s Dog Toothbrush to clients with pets of different sizes. The option of dual sizes will allow pet owners the opportunities to find what size works best to clean their pet’s tooth.


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best dog toothbrush 6



best dog toothbrush 2019

RosyLife Pet Dog Soft Toothbrush also has bristles varying in sizes on both the ends of the brush but they come in wide range of colors which makes it a bit attractive and colorful. If you have a number of pets, then you can assign one to each of them without confusion. These brushes come in sets so that you can use them on a long run. Dog Teeth Cleaning process is also made colorful due to its wide variety of colors.

Their advantages are their attractive color and comfort provided to us through variable sized brushes. They even enable us to reach our pet’s end of the mouth with ease. It also removes the plaque which might harden and cause tartar. These are one among the cost friendly brushes in the market. So you can give it a shot if you are in search of the perfect brush for your beloved pet.

best dog toothbrush 13


Pros of RosyLife Pet Dog Soft Toothbrush

  • The Rosylife pet dog soft finger toothbrush comes in a pack of 8, four-finger brushes and four normal size pet toothbrushes.
  • The Rosylife toothbrush pack comes at an affordable price, especially for the pack.
  • They are high-quality brushes and can clean your pet’s teeth appropriately.
  • The option for different brushes to choose from is also a big advantage in this brush pack.
  • The brush helps to reduce all plaque from your pet teeth and leave their mouth smelling healthy and fresh.
  • The dual-ended brush offers a soft grip to help you control the brush, as you utilize it.
  • The brushes offered in this pack are soft overall and will clean your pet’s tooth without destroying your pet’s gum.

Cons of RosyLife Pet Dog Soft Toothbrush

  • The big brush head might be a little too big for your pet’s mouth.
  • The brush bristles might be a little too soft for your dog, depending on your dog’s dentition.        

Why we Recommend it ?

Rosylife Pet Dog Soft Finger Toothbrush makes our list because of its ease of use and accessibility. It offers two varieties of brushes within the pack to create options for pet owners. Today, a pet owner might want to go in with a finger brush and give a thorough brush, while another day the pet owner might want to use the long brush to clean the teeth.

The price is also very affordable for the amount they’re offering and for the quality of the brush. In totality, we strongly recommend the Rosylife pet dog soft finger toothbrush to pet owners with big or small dogs.



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best dog toothbrush 6

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It is a vital necessity for dogs to keep their teeth clean to maintain their oral hygiene and to live a healthy lifestyle. Well, as we all know, dogs can’t do it themselves. So it is the owner’s responsibility to take care of your pet’s hygiene. And that can be achieved by purchasing a toothbrush for your pet.

So take a look into our suggested top 5 brands and choose the Best Dog Toothbrush to pick the right one according to your requirements. It is very costly to go a vet clinic to clean your dog’s teeth and it is not economical too. So this would be a step forward. At first, your dog might not allow you to brush its teeth but when it gets used to it, the process becomes easier. Try a chicken taste tooth paste to speed up the process. Best Dog brush along with tasty paste is the best combination for taking up the operation.Also you can see our bird and chip dog & cat toothbrush reviews.


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Top 5 Best Dog toothbrush Reviews & Buying Guide 2019
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In Brush dogs teeth using Best Dog toothbrush reviews Article ,I am going to review the 5 best Dog toothbrush in the market now with pros,cons for finger & Double headed toothbrush

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